Credit Card Billing

Credit Card Services

Our Credit/Debit card billing solution is one  that allows customers to subscribe to a range of services. The BDC Phone Club service operates on a subscription basis. A charge is debited immediately and this purchases talk time minutes for dating, psychic or adult chat.


BDC Phone Club can be tailored to suit a range of premium content and services. Subscriber accounts are rebilled on the last working day of the month until such time as the user unsubscribes. Customers can also top up at any time. Users have the ability to call a discreet automated unsubscribe phone number or call our customer team. The service sends a host of info SMS messages to users such as at sign up with PIN details, when a scheduled top-up takes place and other informative details about the service.

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To find out more on how we can assist you please contact us:

☏ (If calling from Ireland): 0818 286 600

☏ (If calling from the UK): 0333 313 7721


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